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Conversations and information provided to us by our clients are always confidential, and we conduct all investigations covertly from start to finish!

Fatali Investigations specializes in Cheating / Infidelity / Adultery cases. Our private investigators understand how sensitive these investigations are to those involved and it is their goal to provide their clients with answers to the questions that can haunt them. It is not their goal to destroy the marriage, rather, their #1 goal is to get to the truth – whatever it may be. We recognize that every case is different and involves it’s own set of unique circumstances. Therefore, our investigative approach also depends on the specific challenges and objectives we are faced with. Adultery cases involve covert surveillance of the cheating spouse in order to capture photographic and video evidence of the infidelity. We utilize high-end professional quality equipment to collect this evidence; High-Definition Video cameras, high quality Still Photographic cameras with powerful zoom capabilities, Night-Vision video cameras and several others. We do not cut corners when it comes to collecting evidence!

Cheating/Infidelity/Spousal cases are very sensitive and highly emotionally-charged; we know how hard it can be to have that little suspicion but not knowing for sure. It is extremely tough to live with this doubt as it slowly poisons your daily life and affects your relationship with your spouse/partner, and more importantly affects your mood and happiness which in turn reflects on your daily interaction with your children and possibly work productivity. You and your loved ones deserve to objectively prove or refute your suspicions so that you can move on with your life. What if your suspicions are unfounded? You will have the peace of mind and be able to once again enjoy your time with your spouse/partner. And if your suspicions are correct, you will find out the truth and have the evidence you need.

Things to look for in a spouse that indicate "possible" cheating:

  • becomes emotionally distant, withdrawn or depressed
  • a dramatic decrease or increase in sexual appetite
  • becomes angry, critical and even at times cruel
  • becomes very possessive of his/her cell phone and immediately deletes any messages
  • complains that you are "controlling", yet he/she is guilty of attempting to control
  • increase in working hours, after work meetings and business trips
  • pays extra attention to his/her appearance, suddenly joins a gym or starts dressing differently
  • shows more energy and/or zeal for life
  • does things he/she had never done before or shows a sudden interest in a new hobby/sport
  • becomes inappropriately defensive when asked questions
  • becomes extra flirtatious with the opposite sex
  • obsessive need for "privacy" and staying up late at night to work on the computer

We also understand that making the call to a private investigator in a cheating case is one of the toughest decisions you may have to make during this trying time. Rest assured that our experienced private investigators understand the sensitivity of the situation and the required extreme discretion. They will arrange a meeting with you at a convenient time and location for you and explain to you what they can do, how they can do it and what results you can expect from the investigation. They will also fully explain how much an investigation of this sort may cost you and devise an investigative plan that fits your budget and needs.


The How

Domestic (cheating) investigations involve several stages. The first stage requires that the investigator get to know your specific situation. Why you are suspicious and what your objectives are? During this stage, the investigator will obtain vital case information such as the physical description of the spouse and any others involved, vehicle and employment information about the spouse and the places that he/she may frequent, and when.

After obtaining the case information and learning why you are suspicious, the private investigator will recommend a investigative strategy based on your objectives and the case particulars.

The next stage of an cheating investigation involves applying the agreed-upon strategy to the case. The objective here is to apply the appropriate strategy and utilize useful tools and methods during those times when our subject is most likely to engage in activity; this is to ensure that the investigation is done in an efficient manner and reduce the cost to you. It’s important to remember that no one has a crystal ball and know the exact time the infidelity will take place, so you are a valuable resource to the investigator at this stage as your knowledge of your spouse and his/her habits is vital to the success of the investigation.

Adultery investigations may sometimes involve travel to other cities or countries to follow the suspected spouse and collect the required evidence. We are capable of handling these types of cases and also have affiliations with other investigative agencies in other provinces and abroad to help us navigate foreign destinations and languages.

Whether local or abroad, effective and reliable communication via email, text messages and/or phone calls is a essential part of any investigation. During the course of the investigation, we communicate regularly with you and keep you updated.

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